VSCO presets

OK, so we all remember using film right? Do you look back at those times with whimsy, romantically talking about tone and grain, wishing digital wasnt so “digital”?


If so you should definately give these lightroom pre-sets a look see – 12 film types from kodak to Fuji, lovingly set up to resemble those film types that we all loved! The image above was hit with the Kodak Tri x 400iso ( a film I loved, my fav B+W film by far, though the Ilford SP400 was pretty sweet in low contrast shots ). No Fuji velvia preset yet ( this was always in my cameras, the colours of this slide film were just literally to die for! ), but the company have assured me that its due for release soon. Given its 50iso rating, i`m really excited to see that!

The above image was created using the Kodak porta 800 film type – very creamy highlights – yum yum. I personally dont miss film at all, I hated it – difficult, expense, time consuming and it simply doesnt work now given the pace at which this industry runs at. As a working photographer, give me digital any day – as long as I`ve got these pre-sets to play with i`m happy with that!


About Chris Denner

Chris Denner is a UK based, international award winning photographer, a recipient of AGFA's much coveted "Creative Photographer of the Year "award, and recently received a commendation in the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition 2010. An innovative commercial photographer for the last decade, Denner's iconic, dynamic and signature photographic style and his mischievous eye have gained him a reputation as one of the UK's new onslaught of emerging photographers. Denner mix's the romance of creativity and inspiration, to create stylised images that visually communicate key messages with impact. An insatiable creative, Denner also exhibits his own self initiated work internationally, and is currently developing his fourth exhibition. Clients include: Sanyo Umbro Motorola Premier Drum Tata / Corus National Health Service 69 degrees magazine Century Media Compass Orbit
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