Busy – But cant show you any photos!

Whatcha think of our recent 69Degrees cover and fashion piece? Its odd, but we love it! We wanted a real energy and playfulness to the images, and its so vibrant that we love it!

We`re so busy here ( the lovely weather caused a scrabble in people booking shoots for Spring/summer 2013 collections ) and we`ve been involved in shoots as varied as food photography for a muscle meat company, some corporate advertising for the mighty Leicester City Football club, and some enviromental portraiture with the lovely and extremely talented Tim Harrison of Voice.

Great work yes, but frustrating as we cant show it yet!!

I`ve recently invested in a set of Canon L series prime lens ( no more zooms for me ) as well as some very cool and sexy Lowepro harness and kit to carry everything in. Its great as I feel I was getting lazy using zooms, now my approach is much more considered regarding focal distance and more importantly barrel distortion.

I`d advise any photographer looking to evolve their approach to ditch the zooms – it`s difficult, but its worth it. Don`t forget as well that primes are often F1.4 ( super fadt ) so you can shoot with natural light ( and whole other kettle of fish! ).

Exciting times, but scary. Paying off though, our exhibitions are getting great press, we`re being published ( semi ) regularly and the most important thing is we`re loving our photography.



About Chris Denner

Chris Denner is a UK based, international award winning photographer, a recipient of AGFA's much coveted "Creative Photographer of the Year "award, and recently received a commendation in the Aesthetica Creative Works Competition 2010. An innovative commercial photographer for the last decade, Denner's iconic, dynamic and signature photographic style and his mischievous eye have gained him a reputation as one of the UK's new onslaught of emerging photographers. Denner mix's the romance of creativity and inspiration, to create stylised images that visually communicate key messages with impact. An insatiable creative, Denner also exhibits his own self initiated work internationally, and is currently developing his fourth exhibition. Clients include: Sanyo Umbro Motorola Premier Drum Tata / Corus National Health Service 69 degrees magazine Century Media Compass Orbit
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